Why Bans on Facial Recognition Could Stifle Tech Innovation

By: Kevin Freiburger, Director of Identity Programs at Valid The idea of facial recognition applications in the public sector was once a seemingly impossible task. Early facial analysis software algorithms didn’t produce accurate or reliable results, systems were disproportionately inaccurate across certain genders and races, and the infrastructure required to power the system required a […]

Facial recognition can protect our kids: here’s how to convince parents

By: Kevin Freiberger, Director of Identity Programs at Valid The New York State Education Department blocked facial recognition software testing in schools merely weeks before it was set to begin. This comes despite reassurances from the Lockport City School District that it would only enter the information of significant threats (like suspended or expelled students […]

Banning Facial Recognition Tech Moves Safety Backwards

Banning Facial Recognition Tech Moves Safety Backwards (Contributed) Kevin Freiburger June 26, 2019 Facial recognition technology wasn’t always feasible for the public sector. The accuracy of the face-matching software algorithms was not reliable, some contained biases and the systems themselves required significant IT overhead to operate. However, that tide has shifted. Today’s facial recognition technology […]

Facial Biometrics: The New Face of Secure Identification

Facial biometrics are a giant leap ahead of fingerprinting biometrics. First developed in the 1960s, the technology has become more accessible to the mass market, for both law enforcement and private consumers. Studies show facial biometrics will be the future of secure identification. Even though it is still an emerging technology, the industry is set […]