Why Mastercard’s Sonic Logo Isn’t Just Noise in the Payments Space

Written By Alberto Hernandez – Chief Operating Officer at Valid Published June 3, 2019 in PaymentsJournal Mastercard is making noise in the payments space. The financial giant has joined the growing list of companies to introduce a “sonic logo,” or a distinctive, trademarked sound used across all its marketing efforts. The hope is that this […]

What the Win-Win Partnership Between Apple and Goldman Sachs Means for Payments

Written By Alberto Hernandez – Chief Operating Officer at Valid Apple is ready to get even closer to your wallet, and it has a recognizable partner to help win a permanent spot. Joining forces with a finance giant like Goldman Sachs is part of Apple’s latest effort to revolutionize an established industry — but the […]

Community banks are losing the payment tech battle

By Alberto Hernandez – Chief Operating Officer at Valid Community banks are enjoying some of the most fertile economic conditions for growth. A combination of low interest rates, a roaring economy and loosened regulations in recent years have come together to create optimal conditions for all banking institutions to thrive. Yet despite this opportunity, community […]

A new reality for payments

Wearables are moving towards the masses. After a few years of being restricted to the early adopters (consumers who like to try out new technologies, and hence who are great allies in the innovation process), the launch of the devices has generated lessons learned for the financial market, which is now investing in their use on a larger scale.