A one-stop shop for printing, personalization, finishing,
embedding processes, and issuance of cards.

Technology and customization to enhance cards.

Our line has modern, automated equipment with a high production capacity, from card production to personalization and handling for smart, bank, event, and transportation cards.

Full-Service Process

Our plant is set up the entire process, from supply of the kit to personalization, handling, and issuance services in a single plant; this not only optimizes costs and timelines, but also product quality because of the reduction in cargo handling.


Products that are tested and approved by Visa, Master, Elo, and Amex; PCI and ISO standards are rigorously followed throughout the entire production process.


The only card that is made of recycled PVC, 100% Brazilian, certified by Baluarte; produced from the offcuts from our production.

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Advantages of the Product

Get to know how the V/Card solution can produce
different types of cards and automate and reduce
costs, from start to finish.

Welcome kit

In our graphics department, we produce supplies for the contents of kits, such as card holders, welcome kits, personalized envelopes, and inserts; these are handled and delivered through all delivery channels, which do daily pick-ups from our plant.


We follow all PCI compliance rules and are approved by all global credit card brands.


DoD personalization is offered through inkjet printing with UV curing on a high-technology, high-quality machine, providing greater durability in the process and enabling customization of the front and back of the card in either vertical or horizontal configurations, in accordance with the layout that best suits your business’ needs.


With the technologies we use, we leverage a world of possibilities and innovation for the payment methods market for smart, biometric, dynamic CVV and wear n’ pay cards.


Get to know the advantages of the V/Card solution.

Production Capacity

Our capacity covers the entire process flow for printing, personalization, embedding, finishing, and issuance of cards, all in a single plant.


Our cards can be produced using offset or using screen printing.


We offer set-up, lamination, cutting, selection, and hot stamping of the cards.


Our deliverables are produced in accordance with the sorting processes approved by the market transporters, and we use automatic equipment to sort FAC and remessa econômica products.


We apply Valid technology in the design of our products such as biometric, dynamic CVV, and wear n’ pay cards.


We offer the entire process of chip lamination, pre-engraving, cutting, milling, and embedding.


We have several customization features, including drop-on-demand (DoD), color embossing, color thermal printing, color PVC, neon inks, holograms, hololan, personalization of the back, transparent PVC, chips, and personalized antennas.


Our smart cards benefit from the exclusive VSPS (Valid Smart Person Solution) to ensure that all cards produced in our plant are personalized and tested before reaching the end client.

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