VSSH Transaction Hub.

Secure management of interactions and platforms.

The V/DEV solution optimizes the management and administration of interactions between client platforms and client-facing interaction channels such as the web, apps, and POS.

Dissociated architecture

Complete structures, with different functionalities that can be used together.

Modular and reusable

Modular, complementary solutions that can be used in a customized way.

Agile implementation

Solutions with integrated, secure, and agile integration.

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Advantages Of The Product

Get to know how V/DEV can enhance your
clients’ platforms and interactions.

Joint operation

We work together with other solutions, manufacturers, and clients.

Versatile platform

A solution that adapts to any platform, using robust technology.


We meet high standards for security and quality.

Continuous improvement

Processes that reduce the product’s obsolescence levels.


A solution based on APIs and microservices implemented using a cluster, providing a high degree of scalability and flexibility.


High performance and scalability
Fast time-to-market for new solutions
Dynamic content management with no need to update the app
Reusable modules
Dissociated architecture
Quick implementation
High availability

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