Issuance of identification documents in either physical or
electronic format.

Secure, fast, and reliable identification.

We issue official civil identification documents in both electronic format and in physical format, on banknote paper, to Brazilian citizens. These include the RG (national ID card), CNH (driver’s license) and other ID documents.

We also serve citizens directly when they need to have their information recorded for official agencies, we issue and deliver documents, and we provide other solutions such as biometrics, digitization of data, scheduling services, assistance via chatbot, and more.


With the V/Sign solution, you can sign documents electronically, wherever you are, over any Internet-enabled device.


For over 65 years, we have been printing documents and processing data with a high level of security and technology.


We have better management, efficiency, automation, and speed in the production and delivery of our products.


Advantages Of The Product


We understand the needs of
each client and we develop unique
solutions for each


We have been working with the government in identification solutions (B2G) for more than 65 years, and we have a high level of market penetration.


We are capable of processing large volumes of documents and sensitive information, with quality and in a secure manner.


We participate in bid processes in order to work with official agencies, ensuring security and effectiveness

Fraud prevention

We work with technologies for identity validation and authentication to reduce the chances of fraud.


Get to know the advantages of the V/Doc solution.

Physical printing on security banknote paper
Physical printing on polycarbonate card
Digital identification
Robust and complete production process
Printing on Teslin

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