The first and only 100% digital platform for the
electronic registration of agreements and securities.

Electronic registration with security and reliability.

We combine electronic agreements and digital signatures and integrate them into Brazilian registries in all notary’s offices around the country, and provide comprehensive support for the workflow of the stages of electronic registration.

All in one place, with security and reliability.

Through our V/Hub portal, all parties can follow and sign for the steps of the processes in an easy, simplified way and in real time, using a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. With V/Hub, we organize and facilitate property registration processes, whether for direct transfer or through a purchase agreement, or, in the case of securities, when the client takes out a mortgage, putting the property up as collateral.


100% digital. Digital certificates generated in Valid’s cloud, with the ability to electronically sign from anywhere.


Convenience and reduction of red tape for the processes involved with notary’s offices, banks, and government agencies.


A BPO that ensures reduced time for the property registration process: from 60 days down to 10 or less.


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Advantages Of The Product

Get to know how our V/Hub solution can simplify, facilitate, and provide more security for your property registration processes.


The process that normally takes around 60 days, including the signing and documentation stages in notary’s offices, is completed in less than half the time; in many cases, in just 10 days.

End-to-end BPO: we take care of 100% of the stages of the process, from the issue of the draft to confirmation of electronic registration.


We perform the electronic integration with all property registries.

Provision of the statement in XML format, when signed digitally by the bank, and/or
a PDF of the agreement, in 100% digital format, signed by the parties (bank, sellers, purchasers, and witnesses).


Everything is done digitally, and all documentation can be sent and accessed via smartphone or computer.


We take care of the management and issuance of the digital certificate for all parts of the process, from banks to witnesses, with the price included in the registration fee and signature via an ICP-Brasil certificate, which is legally recognized.


Get to know the advantages of the V/Hub platform.

Electronic receipt of data
Registration of XML file
Electronic signature of via ICP-Brasil
Provision of a digital certificate in the cloud
Convenient collection of ITBI (property transfer tax)
Convenient collection of fees
Resolution of requests for further documentation
Integration with 27 registration centers

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