Your digital identification card, available over an app.

Digital Identification Card Practicality and security for citizens.

The V/Pass solution makes it possible for people to identify themselves digitally, in a secure manner, using their ID card (the “RG” in Brazil), their professional IDs, student cards, or badges


A complementary, more practical solution than the physical document, fur use directly through the app. More practicality for citizens.


A single digital document, backed by a guarantee offered through Valid’s attribute certificates.

Digital Authenticity

The document may be shared and signed electronically, with no need for authentication by a notary.

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Advantages Of The Product

Get to know how the V/Pass can simplify the use of ID documents.

Digital Document

Governments and public or private entities can work with the digital version of the document, making citizen services more practical.


Just like the physical document, there is only one copy of the digital document.
In addition, we have the X.509 attribute certificate approved by ICP-Brasil, which guarantees the document’s authenticity.

Convenient Sharing

Digitalized documents, in PDF format, that can be shared directly from the mobile device.

Complete Solution

Production capacity for the issuance of physical and digital documents, or 100% digital documents.

Optimized Product, replicated for other solutions

The solution is approved by a range of security agencies, such as Brazilian Civil Police departments and the Federal Police.


We follow the most current national and international security standards.


Get to know the advantages of the V/Pass platform.

Intuitive Design

The app facilitates a fluid, intuitive experience for citizens.

3D Liveness

Facial recognition such as proof-of-life 2FA, and biometric validation for document export.

Secure Encryption

Issuance of the physical document and generation of the digital document using a QR code with a timer to guarantee authenticity and security.


With the white-label model, we offer more customization and speed in the delivery of the project.


Our technical team is qualified to securely implement system integrations


With the app’s verification function, clients can query and validate the information of citizens who hold digital documents.


Our team is qualified to provide support in an agile and customized way.


Dependents’ documents can be generated over the app.

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