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A secure digital wallet that
streamlines the payment process for users.

The V/Wallet solution enables municipal, state, and federal governments to deliver benefits to their citizens with agility and security, through physical or digital cards, allowing for efficient distribution of benefits.  

With a customizable flow, benefits are issued based on the needs of each agency; citizens may have free use of the credit, or it may be restricted to types of businesses or specific purchases. This entire process is simple and secure, and follows the rules for use regulated by the responsible Secretariats.

Complete Dashboard

Dashboard that tracks the consumption of benefits and offers detailed data management.

Digital wallet

With the digital account, citizens may check the balance on their benefits card and/or make digital transactions using an app or over a website that follows the highest standards for transaction security. 

Customized Benefits

The rules for the use of the benefits can be defined, thus ensuring that they are used for their intended purpose.

Management and Monitoring

Governments have access to a complete dashboard that tracks the consumption of benefits and provides detailed information for management and decision making.

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Advantages Of The Product

Learn how the V/Wallet solution can streamline, manage, and
ensure greater security in benefits management for citizens.

Reduction of Costs and Complexity

With V/Wallet, governments can set up partnerships with shops, and citizens can choose where, when, and how to use their benefits, thus eliminating contact with suppliers and reducing the cost of production and physical delivery of materials.


Depending on the purpose of the benefits, we can implement rules that (a) restrict use to specific shops or items; or (b) make the use of the benefits more flexible and wide-reaching, including in how payment is made (physical or digital card, electronic bank transfer (PIX, in Brazil), wire transfer, or cash withdrawals).  

Stimulus for the Local Economy

By issuing credits to citizens, the benefits may be used closer to each individual’s workplace or home, giving them convenience and promoting purchases from neighborhood shops.


With detailed verification capabilities, governments can control and track the types of businesses, and, in some cases, the items for which benefits may be (and are being) used.


Get to know the advantages of the V/Wallet platform.

Data management
Audits by the Brazilian Court of Audit
Digital accounts for citizens
Boosting of local commerce
Customized app
Open-loop or closed-loop transactions

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