Valid, which accounts for 70% of bank cards issued in Argentina through its subsidiary Valid Argentina, will be presenting its mobile banking and digital wallet solutions—which can turn a cell phone into an electronic wallet—at the 31st International Conference on Bank Marketing on September 21 and 22 in Buenos Aires.




In Argentina, where it was been operating since 2007, the company provides services in the area of identity solutions in the financial and telecommunications sectors, as well as for the country’s government.

At the conference, the Brazilian company, which has a global presence in the areas of Telecom, Identity Solutions, Payment Solutions, Digital Certification and Digital Marketing, will be showing the audience the latest advances in mobile banking, which enables cardless withdrawals at cash machines, among other conveniences, and its solutions that use mobile devices for financial institutions.

During the presentation “Convergence Tools in Bank Marketing”, Germán Martínez, Valid’s Commercial Manager for Latin America, will be analyzing the tools that can enhance the dynamics of virtual and mobile banking transactions between companies and their clients. “Valid’s solutions can turn a smart phone into a digital wallet, enabling secure purchases over the internet and through the cell phone itself,” he explains.

Buenos Aires