Valid will be presenting its customized solutions for the field of identification, such as biometrics, digital identity and mobile technologies, during the International Seminar on Identification and Digital Transformation, being held from August 2 to 4 in Lima, Peru. The event is being organized by the Peruvian National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC), the independent government agency in charge of identification for all Peruvians, and will highlight the impact of digital technologies on the innovation of products, services and strategies.

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As a global service provider for the data, identification, mobile telephony and financial industries, Valid will be demonstrating Identification and Traceability solutions to the attendees, who will include officials from registration and identification agencies, public bodies, non-governmental organizations, international development agencies, academics and private companies.

The seminar will also offer talks on subjects such as technological solutions, digital inclusion, voice biometrics and reflections on identification, among others.

“As an ally of institutions that need to identify and issue secure documents, it is fundamental for us to participate in the discussions that will foster advances in the industry. We seek solutions that have a guarantee of uniqueness and authenticity, and cutting-edge technology in anti-fraud systems,” asserts Zenio Rimes, Latin America ID COO at Valid.

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