RioCard’s pilot project will be presented at the 17th Etransport The Brazilian multinational Valid and RioCard, the eletronic ticketing system for public transportation in Rio de Janeiro, have developed a pilot project to offer stickers that can be affixed to different objects, such as cell phones and wallets, for example, for the payment of fares.

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The solution will be presented to the public at the 17th Etransport – Congress on Passenger Transportation, which is considered the largest transportation-related event in Latin America, and which will be held on November 23-25 in Riocentro, in Rio de Janeiro. The company will also be presenting a mini keychain with the same contactless payment functionality.

How it works

When loaded with credit purchased by the user, the sticker and the keychain enable payment of fares when they are tapped on the payment readers, similar to contactless cards.

Credit can be loaded in the same way as Expresso RioCard cards, and can be done on the RioCard and Recarga Fácil websites.

“Both devices are equipped with a contactless chip and offer all the same secure functionalities as contactless MIFARE® cards,” explains Adriano Franki, Commercial Superintendent of Valid’s Payment Solutions.