Valid is one of the 10 best publicly traded companies in Brazil in terms of return rate for its investors, as determined by the Broadcast Empresas 2015 Award, put on every year by Brazilian news agency Agência Estado. Valid moved up two positions in the ranking, landing in 8th place.

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According to Valid’s Global CEO, Carlos Affonso d’Albuquerque, this achievement is the result of both the credibility the company has built over the course of 60 years, and the new strategy of expanding international operations.

“When we combine our quest for excellence and the operations outside of Brazil, we are able to compensate for difficult times in different geographies,” he states.

With these characteristics, Valid – an expert in offering Payment, Mobile, Identity Digital Marketing and Digital Certification solutions – has earned the trust of investors.

“The rising stock price is a reflection of what we have shown the investors: that we have resilience within the business and that we want to (cautiously) expand our geographical presence. All of this must be done without sacrificing efficiency or profitability,” concludes Affonso.