Valid presents innovations in solutions for logistics management and tracking, payment and data analytics for retail

||Valid presents innovations in solutions for logistics management and tracking, payment and data analytics for retail

Company participates in the LATAM Retail Show Valid will be presenting its latest range of customized solutions for retail at the LATAM Retail Show, the largest event in Latin America for the retail, franchising, shopping center and e-commerce sectors, to be held at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, from August 29 to 31.

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Valid’s location at the fair will be a sort of “Store of the Future,” showcasing new methods of interaction and consumer experience in the purchasing environment. One of the features is RFID technology (radio-frequency identification), applied to different products. Used by major national retailers, Valid’s solution manages all stages of the process, from the production of components to the sale of the final product in stores, with the ability to monitor each unit. The company handles everything from the design of the antennas and the production of the smart sticker, to the electronic readers, equipment installation, training, software, and, most importantly, the management and analysis of the data generated.

“We are talking about solutions that can reduce the cost and inventory time of the merchandise in the stores, and provide gains in logistical processes for the client,” explains Valid’s Adriano Franki. “Valid has been investing in the application of Data Analytics in its different fields of expertise, and in tracking solutions it is no different: we see the enormous value we can offer to our clients, especially in retail.”

Another innovation from Valid is the capability to analyze client traffic in stores, in a simple and efficient way. Having access to the analysis of this information is one of the great triumphs in assisting a retail chain in strategic decision-making for the growth of their business.

In the area of payment methods, the newest items are wearables; case studies will be presented on wristbands used for payment. These devices work using via NFC, or near-field communication technology, which enables the exchange of encrypted data with the POS machine. In Brazil, there are already around 2.8 million of these machines in operation.

“Payment methods are changing and the wristband technology offers an easier, safer and fast experience,” points out Adriano.

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