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Customer Insights & Lifecycle Analytics


It’s no secret that it is easier and less expensive to keep customers than to acquire new ones.  As customers move from Consideration to Purchasing and Brand Loyalty, their expectations remain high.  Engaging your customers appropriately at each stage is more important than ever to achieving success.

Valid’s Customer Insights & Lifecycle Analytics solutions use all of the data customers provide to understand them at each stage of their relationship lifecycle.  

Through an extensive array of analytic approaches, Valid seeks to answer who, what, when, and where so you can create customer experiences that drive prospects from awareness to loyal advocacy – and increased customer lifetime value. 

Examples of Valid’s Analytics offerings include:

  • Tryer-Buyer Conversion
  • Purchase Lifecyle
  • Customer Migration
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Marketing Mix Allocation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Insights & Lifecycle Analytics


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