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Customer Segmentation & Profiling


Segmentation and Profiling are an efficient, streamlined and ultimately successful approaches to targeted marketing. Together, they set the foundation for marketers to promote products and services accurately, identify higher profitability, and build customer loyalty.

Segmentation buckets customers into different groups based on similar, shared attributes. Profiling highlights the key attributes to get to know them better.

Valid’s Segmentation solutions are founded on a strategic, qualitative approach using all available data sources to define customer segments. Combined with Customer Lifecycle and Predictive Modeling, Valid helps determine the potential value of customers and the prospective impact of different strategies on your business.

With Valid’s Segmentation and Profiling solutions, marketers will gain a deeper understanding of customers, discover who is most valuable, and define personalized customer journeys that enhance brand affinity.

Executed correctly, Segmentation and Profiling serves as a unifying language that gives organizational stakeholders a shared understanding of their customers. It helps drive product development, brand positioning, distribution methodology, customer service responses, marketing communications, and sales approaches.

Customer Segmentation
Customer Profiling

Valid’s Segmentation Solutions aim to group customers into actionable segments that meet 5 criteria: Distinct, Substantial, Stable, Accessible, and Responsive.  All available data elements are evaluated for differentiation.  Segmentation culminates with scoring all customers into one of the identifiable segments for personalized targeting.

Valid’s Customer Profile Solutions identify the key distinguishing characteristics between your customers as compared to others within your market footprint.  We provide multiple options to view hundreds of data attributes and analyze the differences.  Our dashboard tool allows you to further drill-down & visualize demographics characteristics for customer groups.

Communicating with your audience about their interests, via their preferred channel, and at the right cadence will build better customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Communicating with your audience about their interests, via their preferred channel, and at the right cadence will build better relationships and brand loyalty. 


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