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Revenue Forecasting


Revenue Forecasting is a critical tool for companies.  Not only does it identify potential risks to goals, it also benefits resource allocation, compensation planning, and managing investor expectations.

Despite a surge in technological advancements, most companies still use traditional spreadsheets or CRM solutions to predict sales for the year which are time consuming, based on limited data, prevent collaboration, and frequently contain errors.  As a result, forecasts are unreliable and tend to be ignored. 

Valid’s Revenue Forecasting solution replaces the traditional approaches with predictive modeling on actual customer behaviors to accurately project revenue.  Projections are available in total as well as for different brands and customer segments.  Predictions are updated throughout the year based on actual results, so you can identify seasonal trends and performance gaps in order to make adjustments.  Dynamic dashboards present budget, actual, and sales by fiscal year. 

Forecasting Results

Save time. Be confident in your forecast. Gain visibility to potential issues so you can focus your attention on your high priority areas of business to positively affect revenue and profitability.


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