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Data Integration


CDI, or Customer Data Integration, is the cornerstone of enabling a true “360 view” of your customers and prospects. Today’s CDI solutions must be real-time and able to operate seamlessly in a multi-channel ecosystem. 

Traditional CRM and marketing databases used CDI in a batched, file-oriented process performed on a weekly/monthly basis, resulting in a “dated” view of customers and their activities.   In the current API and transactional based world, CDI has taken on the new meaning of “continuous data integration” … it is no longer acceptable to wait weeks, days or even minutes for customer purchase and behavioral data to be linked and reflected within your Customer data platform and ecosystems.

You need a partner that has the experience and technical capabilities to provide seamless, real-time access to ALL of your customer and prospect data – regardless of channel.

Whether it is assigning persistent IDs via our Identity Resolution solution, attributing your multi-channel response data to campaigns or performing real-time sales and behavioral integration, Valid has the right CDI solution to meet your needs.

We leverage decades of data integration and experience to provide a highly configurable, tailored solution that meet your needs today but also scale and adapt to your changing requirements in the future.


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