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Customer data is the foundation for companies to make decisions.  For many companies, data is siloed across systems, making it inactionable.   Add in all of the different pre-built data management platforms available in the marketplace – CDP, Marketing Database, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and more –  companies struggle to decide which one is the right one to solve for their needs now while also preparing them for the future.  

Valid is different because we don’t focus on any single data management solution – we have experience with many of them. Likewise, Valid doesn’t offer a “one-size fits all” solution.  Valid leverages thousands of modules to design and build the best data management solution specifically for you.  With a flexible architecture, Valid’s solutions can be adapted as your business evolves.   

Valid’s Data Management solutions are based on best practices to create a unified and trusted view of your customer data – a “Golden Record” – with all available information consolidated in one place, while ensuring to add data privacy and security mandates. Layering in segmentation & modeling plus orchestration tools allows you to implement integrated, personalized engagements with customers that drive results. 

Customer Data Platform

Valid will work with you to determine which is the best option for your technology stack, needs and budget. 


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