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We help organizations across diverse industries Identify, Understand, and Connect with customers to provide “more” through enhanced & personalized experiences.


Business to Business

B2B buying cycles are getting longer and more complex.  Whether account-based marketing or targeted omni-channel marketing, data quality and personalization are essential for successful sales performance.  Valid provides data, analytics, engagement and strategy solutions to help deliver a single, accurate, and current view of the prospects/customers; lead qualification & scoring; tailored messaging across multiple channels; and an improved alignment between the sales and marketing departments. 


Financial companies must focus on attracting new customers and retaining existing ones in an increasingly crowded market.  Leveraging our solutions encompassing data, analytics and engagement, financial companies can make informed decisions to better target customers with products & services, improve customer service, and reduce fraud risks. Valid helps you connect and engage with your customers to grow your business. 


Federal, State and Local agencies are challenged with serving citizens and supporting employees effectively and efficiently.  While trying to provide seamless, personalized experiences, government leaders must deal with ever-changing needs, numerous regulations, and varying technologies.  With strengths in Identity & Access Management (IAM) and analytics, we help governments at all levels utilize data to improve citizen interactions, inform decision-making, and reduce fraud.


With an increased focus on patient experience, educating and engaging patients in their care plays a more prominent role in healthcare marketing and therapy delivery.  From integrated data management solutions to analytics and campaign orchestration, Valid helps you understand your patients beyond their medical ailments and personalize communications & services to better resonate at each step of each patient’s care journey resulting in increased satisfaction and higher retention rates. 


Purchasing insurance is a major-life decision that can be emotional and complicated for people.  In order to effectively attract, convert and retain policyholders, you need to connect with purchasers throughout their lifecycle from consideration through conversion and retention.  Having a better understanding of prospects and customers is essential.  Using our data, analytics, and engagement services allows you to gain valuable insights that can influence your company’s operations and performance – from consumer behavior to underwriting practices to the ROI of marketing campaigns.  Valid provides the solutions you need to deliver results. 

Media & Entertainment

As demand for access to quality content evolves, media & entertainment providers must deliver enriched customer experiences to win, retain and grow subscriber relationships.  Combining our data, analytics, and cross-channel engagement orchestration solutions allows you to understand behaviors, identify opportunities, and personalize communications to create a profitable and loyal subscriber base.


Today’s shoppers expect a seamless experience across all channels.  Retailers that can connect the online and offline worlds will be the most successful.  We provide data, analytics, and engagement capabilities – informed by a strategic marketing mindset – for you to gain a complete view of your customers, identify purchasing opportunities, and target customers with personalized messaging and offers.  We make it possible for retailers to find and retain more customers to achieve a measurable ROI. 

Travel & Hospitality

Guest experiences begin long before the trip itself.  From research and booking through the actual trip, travel companies must deliver unique experiences to differentiate and build loyalty.  We provide solutions encompassing data, analytics, and engagement to help you understand your guests so you can influence a person’s destination decision, deliver individualized messaging in real-time, and offer customized experiences on-site.  Whether you are targeting leisure or business, luxury or affordable, Valid has the data, marketing and analytics expertise to improve your marketing and day-to-day operations.

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