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Digital Document Delivery


Digital delivery of documents and customized customer invoices is replacing physical shipping.  The challenge for delivering large quantities of documents is to maintain – and improve – the high quality and security of delivery compared to physical shipping.

Valid’s web-based Document Delivery solution digitizes documents and invoices for safe and secure transfer over digital channels such as email, SMS, apps or websites.  The solution has the capability to insert digital certificates into invoices and/or documents, and to use a time stamp at the key stages of delivery for legal validation. The direct marketing toolkit provides the ability to segment the message to customers.

  • Your customers benefit from receiving invoices and/or documents via their preferred channel securely and with the ability to add features inherent to the digital channels, such as convenient payment process, storage of documents in electronic format with password protection, as well as receiving supplementary messages in a customized way.
  • You benefit by having greater electronic controls over delivery, up to 80% cost reductions, and faster collection – up to 5 days compared to printing and shipping. As an additional benefit, use the channel as a marketing tool to easily engage with your customers.


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