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Attribute Certificate is a solution that allows company’s employees to be identified by their position, professional role and employee number.


This solution is intended for trade associations, student associations, public and private companies. The attribute certificate is a set of information or a security and identification data structure which are contained in the fields of a digital certificate. This certificate provides information on its holder, such as their position, role, profession and employee number.

Attribute Certificate allows the identification of  company’s employees. The attribute may be revoked at any time or for a given period of time, invalidating the Attribute, but preserving the Certificate.

Employees can be entitled to a certain right such as access control profiles or delegation of authorities via power of attorney and more. Attribute Certificates allows Valid’s clients to effortlessly and effectivly identify these employees, their positions and ranks within a company or a given professional category or government body, taking the client’s access control to a higher level.

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