Electronic Workflow

A platform that integrates digital documents from external and internal customers anywhere in the world. The system allows the creation of a workflow customized for each customer, meeting all the demands.

This solution is intended for the Department of Transport, Civil Police and civil identification institutions, Federal and Regional Professional Councils, municipalities and Federal Police.

It provides identity solutions in a customized and secure manner with the largest challenge being that of keeping the solutions up to date with respect to the digital world in a responsible and secure manner.

Main features

Main features

  • Unique and customized solution
  • Secure solution
  • Customizable and flexible solution adaptable according to client’s needs
Technical especifications

Technical specifications

Integrated Electronic Workflow system covering

  • Pre-scheduling of the collection of biographical information via smartphone
  • Capture system for biometric data (photo, signature and fingerprints)
  • Integration of biographical and biometric information
  • Onsite document issuance system
  • Integration with the market’s primary AFIS’s

Valid’s client can fully trust the integrity of the information and the quality of the product supplied while demands in excellence and quality by Valid’s end customer are met as well. The security of the entire process involved in any solution provided by Valid, the rapid and creative manner in which solutions to client’s problems are identified has become the hallmark of Valid.

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