mobile id

Mobile ID

An ID card stored in a mobile phone is made as secure and authentic as a physical document by this solution.

mobile id

This solution is intended for civil identification, departments of transport, trade councils, private companies and all clients who need to issue identification documents with probative value and security.

The objective of the solution is the ID card, stored in a mobile phone, which can replace the physical document while guaranteeing its security, integrity and authenticity.

Main features


  • Life cycle management and provisioning of identity data
  • Secure storage of the document
  • Works offline (does not require internet)
  • Allows for verification of the document’s authenticity
Technical especifications


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Allows for use with a dedicated app or an SDK that can be integrated into existing apps
  • Compatible with ICP-Brasil certificates
  • RSA and ECC encryption
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Allows for the export of biographical information

Valid offers a technological solution for convergence and BYOD by issuance of documents through the current workflow and management of provisioning (download) onto the user’s devices. To Valid’s end customer it provides the comfort and practicality of storing identification documents on a mobile device thus allowing it to benefit from portability and interoperability with other apps that require authentication via an identification document.

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