Smart Cities

An ideal set of solutions and services that enable identification of citizens and the creation of unified database for the municipality designed to improve local administration. This solution is intended for local public administration and cities.

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This solution is targeted at city governments. It is a set of solutions and services that serve to identify the citizen and to create a unified database, with the aim of improving administration and providing tools for decision making and the management of tax collection.

City governments can increase the tax gathered due to the method of continuous updating of the mapping of buildings and the unification of primary databases, which provides a better overview of the public administration than independent databases in each Department.

Citizens can use public services (medical care, social security, education, enrollment) easily.

Main features

Main features

  • Creation of a unified database
  • Control panel for the city administration
  • Capturing citizens’ photos and biometric data
  • Issuing identity cards
  • Mobile Apps for the public to interact with public services
  • Customer Service Center
Technical especifications

Technical specifications

  • Cloud or local storage of the solutions
  • High Availability
  • Fixed, portable and mobile stations for citizen registration
  • Provision of services at the client’s facilities
  • Identity cards in various materials and with various security features (security paper, PVC, polycarbonate with PKI chip, contactless, QRCode)
  • Interoperability with outsourced solutions and services through Web services
  • Integrated multi-biometric recognition
  • Operation and management of the customer service center with its own Valid team
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