Baggage Tracking

This solution allows complete tracking of checked baggage by airlines and airports, starting from the minute a bag is checked-in up to the moment is has been handed over to owner, avoiding lost luggage.

baggage tracking

The solution is targeted at airlines and airports and has been designed to allow complete tracking of checked baggage, from hand-over at the check-in counter to its pick-up at the destination airport, ensuring it doesn’t get lost.

Both the airline and the travelers can rest assured that the baggage is taking its specified route and will arrive at its destination with no problems. With this solution, the airline uses a complete information system, without having to invest in hardware and software. On top of that, they reduce the cost of lost luggage compensation payments.

Main features

Main features

  • An integrated solution with the baggage identified through electronic baggage tags (RFID)
  • Online tracking management system
Technical especifications

Technical specifications

  • Official IATA format RFID baggage tags
  • Written and read when issued
  • Readers along the baggage’s whole route
  • Management system that allows the tracking of the baggage
  • Specialized technical support
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