DMC – Data Manager Collector

Software that enables automated data capture for different types of encodings.

The DMC data collection software enables automatic capture of different types of codes through optical or RFID readings. The software not only reads the data, but it can also be configured to link different codes in a single product. It is a useful tool for tracking incoming and outgoing goods and inventories with blind readings, duplicates, and discrepancies.

Main features

Main features

  • Data capture: using optical or RFID interfaces, the software collects and stores the data read.
  • Code linking: the software enables linking of the codes read to generate a correlation table between codes or from/to. It is a very useful functionality for the commissioning of products in the field.
  • Parametrization of codes: our development team is ready to port any proprietary codification to the DMC system.
  • Offline or online operation: capacity to work on collection devices both in offline and online mode through a WiFi connection.
  • Automatic transmission of data: in online mode, the transmission of the data read may be done automatically.
  • Database server: all data are loaded to a server that stores and processes them.
  • Count reports: Customized reports for inventory events, commissioning, and discrepancy tracking.
  • User administration: all employees access the software using a login, so the productivity of each team member can be tracked.
Technical especifications

Technical specifications

  • Code 11, 39, 93, EAN-13, DUN 14, Data Matrix, QR code, and more.
  • The code is adaptable to the client’s structure.
  • Optical and RFID capture.
  • C# and Android.