IMS – Inventory Management System

The Valid solution allows you to have up-to-date information on your inventory and all stock movement via the web, using any data capture technology.

The IMS is a modular software platform that facilitates the task of taking inventory of items in stock, including movement of items among different stocks, and inflow and outflow of materials. The system is flexible in terms of data capture technology, allowing for the use of optical collectors or RFID. With IMS, the inventory process is quicker and intuitive due to its implementation with mobile and web access. The system is completely housed in the cloud, allowing inventory work to be done on or offline with subsequent synchronization when internet is available.

Main features


The IMS system has three modules: IMS Middleware, IMS Capture, and IMS Portal.

The IMS Middleware integrates the readings completed by the DMC (Data Manager Collector) or other market capture mediums, with a database or portal belonging to the client, or the IMS Portal, ensuring safe storage and ease of access to the data.

The IMS Capture is able to read tags through RFID portals, vision systems, or RFID optical readers. It can also work together with the DMC if readings need to be completed with mobile readers (cellular and Pocket PC). In this module, all readings are made available directly on a Web Service, as well as in the database used, enabling integration with other platforms such as the IMS Portal or the client’s ERP system.

The IMS Portal was developed for display and management of the data obtained. Its interface is simple, intuitive, and functional. The IMS Portal is accessible via the web and has a simple interface for access to inventory reports with filters for locations and sectors. In addition to discrepancy and stock movement reports, it is possible to customize reports and dashboards in accordance with project requirements.

Technical especifications


  • Data capture: using the readings completed by the DMC/IMS Capture (or another system), the software collects and stores the data read in a database or platform (IMS Portal).
  • Smart algorithm: the software enables the linking of duplicate codes read; in this case, these readings will be disregarded, and only new readings that had not been recorded in the client’s database or platform (IMS Portal) will be added.
  • Parametrization of codes: in addition to standardized code systems, our development team is ready to work with any proprietary codification systems.
  • Connectivity: the system is able to execute offline and online routines and has the capacity to receive and send the data to the destination database or platform (IMS Portal).
  • Automatic transmission of data: in online mode, the transmission of the data read may be completed automatically.
  • Database server: all data is loaded onto the server that stores and processes the data collected.
  • Variable File Template: all data is processed in line with project specifications, enabling flexibility in the layout of the data in the solution.
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