IoT/M2M Solution

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A fully packaged End to End solution that enables MNO’s and Service Providers to use IoT/M2M services in a faster and more economical way by reusing their existing cellular infrastructure.


IoTek is a complete and fully packaged End to End solution which enable MNO’s and Service Providers to deploy IoT/M2M services with greater speed and minimum of investment in reusing their existing cellular infrastructure. This, MNO’s can address, manage and support BtoB customers’ growing connected device ecosystems in bringing a real added value in the simplest way.

The benefits to Valid’s client are numerous starting with “Off-the-shelf “IoT Services fully operated by Valid, A complete IoT Framework for Service Providers, WIN-WIN Business Model, A reuse of MNOs’ infrastructures, Off the shelf prepackaged applications and hardware and more while Valid’s final customer overall benefits come down to unique interlocutor and provider for everything: MNO (supported by Valid), a dedicated Web Access to the IoTek reporting platform, an operating IoTek Platform as a service and the fact that they are allowed to monitor their own devices and, if necessary, adjust parameters, deactivate, reactivate each device.

Main features

Main features

  • Management Platform in SaaS Mode
    • IoT server platform as Service
    • Life cycle Management
    • Integration & Customization
    • Support & Maintenance
  • IoT/M2M applications available
    • Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, vehicle tracking, Motorcycle tracking, Geolocalisation…
  • Smart Module
    • Hardware Module: qualified and fully certified by Valid (e.g. OBD2 (cars & truck)
    • Multiformat SIM support 2FF/3FF…
    • Full suite of SIM App embedded: End-of-Life (EOL) Monitoring, Device Reboot Detection, Device Lock, Device Tracking, Network Measurements, Geo-Fencing Management, Quality of Service (QoS) Measurements
  • Software Module Platform
    • Interfaces (Web/API) / Solution Build-up
    • CRM & Billing
    • Web portal “White Label”
    • Activity reports and Analytics
    • Web Access to reporting platform
    • Option*: Data Management & Data Analytics platform
  • Developers Kits for Device Makers
    • Development Tools for IoT services on top of High-Level API (web service)
    • Open source software libraries for the target SDK (Like Arduino IDE)
    • Module compatible with open hardware development board (Like Arduino)
    • Available in 2G, 3G and NB-LTE
    • Possible Applications: e.g Weather station, Home Alarm Panel, Watering System, Power Remote Switch
  • Additional Services
    • Hotline / Customer Care
    • Provision & Consulting
    • Custom Integration
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