SWE – Shipment Warehouse Enhancer

A software platform that enables the optimization of logistical processes related to packaging and product shipping.

Logistics hubs from different segments have difficulties in terms of cost reduction for packaging and errors in labeling processes for shipping and transport. This occurs at a sensitive point in the delivery preparation process and may not only compromise delivery times, but may also increase operating costs due to greater-than-expected shipping costs, incorrect deliveries, incorrect items, and reverse logistics. The mission of the SWE platform is to support the ERP system by cutting operation and shipping costs, focusing on the critical points in the operation that are not visible to the ERP.

Main features

Main features

  • Packaging registry: the platform stores the dimensions of all boxes used for shipping products.
  • Product registry: the platform stores the dimensions of all products handled by the logistics hub.
  • Box assembly: starting from the delivery order, the platform tracks the entire product selection process (picking) and the assembly of boxes to ensure the correct selection of products and optimization of the master box’s useful space in order to minimize shipping costs.
  • Printing of labels: the platform enables printing of assembly labels for an order to assist the assembler in identifying the steps and quantities of master boxes involved in the shipment. In addition, at the end of the invoicing process, the platform prints the delivery labels within the transportation standards in force, with the requested information for the correct categorization of the transporter, client identification, and identification of the issuer.
  • Tracking: all labels are printed with technologies that enable the trackability of the items through the use of data collectors. The platform can work with 1D, 2D, and RFID standards.
  • Assembly console: using a simple and functional graphic interface, personnel at the logistics hub can verify orders and the items contained in them, and track all steps from the picking process up to the final labeling, after invoicing, for delivery to the transporter.
  • 3D viewer: at any time during the assembly, the assembler may activate the viewer and identify how they need to place each product within the master box so that its use is optimized to take up the lowest volume possible for transportation. In addition, the viewer helps the assembler to select the most appropriate master box for the order.
  • Administration of users: all staff access the system, using profiles specified by an administrator, defining permissions for each stage in the process.


Technical especifications

Technical specifications

  • Local or cloud hosting
  • Client-server system
  • XML agent
  • Activity log
  • Export of CSV data
  • Java platform
  • Integration with other systems available