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The most utilized traditional solution is a Multi IMSI SIM applet – where numerous subscriptions (characterized by, at least, a specific IMSI value) are pre-loaded at card personalization while applet logic selects the most appropriate subscription depending on a location.

Such a pre-loaded stand-alone Multi IMSI applet solution is quite effective, but has a few drawbacks, two of these being quite important:

  1. Newly acquired sponsored subscriptions (new IMSI ranges) are only effective for customers with new cards as these will be added to the pre-loaded list.
  2. Each card “locks” all preloaded subscriptions during the full card’s lifecycle, with very low utilization levels per subscription.

Some MNOs and MVNOs focus on prompt distribution of new IMSI ranges, some focus on IMSI utilization level increases – while both focus areas lead to requirements towards dynamic OTA management of subscriptions used by a Multi IMSI applet on a card.

In order to meet these challenges, we introduced the IMSI Manager solution within our OTA Connectivity Suite. The product manages IMSI values used by a Multi IMSI applet.

It offers high flexibility in sponsored subscription management by defining several subscription attributes, linking rich profile data to each subscription and including numerous configurationally options.

  • Attributes:
    • Subscription type can be defined as HOME, GLOBAL and REGIONAL.
    • Priorities between home and global subscriptions can be applied.
    • Location change triggers can be set by country or down to individual MNC.
  • Subscription Data:
    • From only IMSI to IMSI including keys, algorithms, and MSISDN.
    • Stored internally or externally with our customer or the third party.
  • Profile Data
    • A subset of profile data, including, but not limited to, PLMN list, FPLMN list, SPN, SDN, ADN and SMSCP is dedicated to each sponsored subscription.
  • Applet Modes
    • Stand alone – for prompt distribution of new/updated sponsor agreements.
    • Connected for on-the-fly subscription deployment and release.
  • Configuration (applet)
    • What mode shall applet work in? Shall HOME be used abroad? Where? What to do when no coverage? And numerous other configurationally options.
  • Subscription Sources
    • Product is open for a model where Valid customers can offer their IMSI ranges to be used by other Valid customers.
  • Product Operations and Administration
    • Designed around typical roaming manager tasks
    • Entering new agreements
    • Updating agreements
    • Removing agreements
  • Product Usage
    • Directly – by the product GUI
    • Remotely – over the dedicated API
    • Automatically – for Connected mode
  • Product Reporting
    • Viewing allocated and available subscriptions

As part of OTA Connectivity Suite services, the IMSI Manager relies on the it for common framework features (provisioning, reporting, etc).

IMSI Management is fully transparent to the end customer. In one specific use case, there is a possibility to have UI on applet side and manually select the desired network to connect.

Use cases are numerous. Let us illustrate one of them: the applet set to connected mode.

Main Benefit of this solution MNOs:

  • Instant global service footprint.
  • Usage of Local tariffs.
  • Optimising the number of used sponsored subscriptions.

Main Benefit of this solution end-users:

  • Higher QoS while in roaming.
  • Can be offered cheaper roaming plans.
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