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Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) need a simple and reliable channel to provide content to end users or third parties. The content can practically be anything; from operator service messages, news and infotainment to a payment solution interface. Life-cycle management of this content is the primary focus of our solution.

The main features of the solution are:

  • Browser request decoding and encoding
  • Prioritized push gateway
  • Integrated database for storing responses
  • SMS Gateway
  • Customer service interface
  • Integration with third party content providers
  • Card grouping and bulk administration
  • Menu management – Add or remove menu items at any level of the menu tree
  • Self provisioning – Subscribers can add and remove items from their own menus
  • Portal management – Assign a SIM to a portal to ensure it has all the menus necessary
  • Activity tracking – Track menu activity of subscribers
  • Campaign management

It comes with an external developer tool.

Valid customers can use the solution for internal needs, let’s say to sell to their customer database data plan packages, roaming services, overdue payment of services and many more. A well as, capitalize by offering external content providers access on its consumer’s database and extend their business.

Applications are created in S@TML. Valid provide training in S@TML to both customer and customer’s external content providers. S@TML code is distributed between SIM and server as:

  • Static parts on the SIM (by means of OTA download)
  • Dynamic parts on the server

Ergo, the role of the S@T Gateway is to be an entry for SIM applications to access functionality and content on an application server as well as the other way round – a gateway for content providers to access SIM application.

S@TML applications can be fully located on SIM as well.

Valid customers can choose between being trained in menu items development tasks or ask Valid to provide development service. Once developed, menu items are loaded onto the server, grouped into portals, as illustrated on a simplified drawing below, and therefore available for download or end user fetching. Download is possible relying on standard campaign management functions. Fetching is enabled by a dedicated menu item within a card menu structure.

The content is aggregated within the SIM menu on a handset and the end customer actively seeks it when desired. Some menu items trigger server interactions – passing and fetching more content – while other items execute a simple action – for example Send SMS, Call Set Up or pass data to server before closing. When relying on S@T Push, a temporary content is pushed to end user’s idle screen where it appears as a popup screen. The content disappears after execution.

As part of Valid’s OTA Connectivity Suite services, the S@T Push relies on it for common framework features (provisioning, reporting and similar).

Main benefits of this solution includes:

  • Simple, direct and effective channel for engage with your customers or consumers.
  • More efficient Customer Care service provided via interactive channel.
  • Additional business with external content providers.
  • Prompt distribution of new SIM menu features.
  • Full removal of outdated offers.
  • Overall increase of SIM menu usage.
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