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RFM & RAM remote management services are key for any entity that controls device connectivity, whether it is a Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) or Mobile Virtual Network Aggregators (MNVA), as well as the service providers themselves, especially the ones related to IoT.

Remote File Management (RFM) addresses a set of services to either read or write the content of standard SIM/eSIM/iSIM files (so called Elementary File -EF). The solution tracks current values such as images for selected EFs. Traditional batch management (for example a campaign) to tackle a fleet of cards with the same update content. Our OTA Framework solution naturally supports campaign features, but it is also able to approach a batch with personalized content – different for each addressed card.

Remote Applet Management (RAM) enables download, activation, as well as deactivation and the exclusion of java applets from a SIM card.

As part of Valid’s OTA Connectivity Suite, OTA Framework relies on the it for common framework features such as provisioning, reporting, etc.

The OTA Framework solutions are available for any generation of SIM cards, including 5G, where the role of RFM and RAM will continue to be key for their management.

Typically, the over-the-air services are very transparent to the end customer. In a few specific use cases, end customers might be informed – via a simple SMS or SAT browsing messaging channel – about the executed service for the user’s convenience. Opting in and out of visible services is a standard feature as well.

An alternative to OTA services is the physical replacement of SIM’s as they add a significant cost and it is not very friendly to end customer. Being free from card swapping while maintaining the latest content on their full card fleet is the most important benefit of OTA services.

Main benefits for MNOs:

  • Effective management of (e)(U)SIM cards in the market.
  • Ability to update java applets on cards to keep them current.
  • Less SIM replacements, more updating.
  • Improved customer service, without customer visiting a service center,
  • Improved SIM profile management.

Main Benefits for end users:

  • Keep them always updated with the newest SIM content.
  • Keep them always updated with newest SIM applications.
  • Minimised need for engagement – transparent updates.
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