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What is a 5G SIM?

It’s a tamper-proof secure element to protect access to a 5G network, addressing all necessities of this wireless grid such as critical communications, massive deployment of IoT projects, and better broadband for internet browsing.

5G is predicted to reach 1.5 billion connections globally by 2025, according to a Junniper Research study, which will make this generation the fastest network to be implemented worldwide, surpassing the 4G network implementation.

The 5G network has higher bandwidth and network capacity as well as lower latency of its previous network generations. It has the potential to bring smart services closer than ever to the end user.

5G answers the Release 15 UICC (SIM) specifications demands, as well as the 5G standardization body ETSI-3GPP.

What are the challenges of the 5G network?

The 5G network will exist in a very digital world – much different from the time 4G was commercially launch, when the digital transformation was at the beginning of its history. 5G will witness the IoT’s biggest boom and massive implementation.

In order to be a vital part of this new ecosystem, the 5G network will answer some of the biggest pain points of our newly connected world. This includes:

Data privacy

Constant cyber-attacks on our highly-connected lifestyle pushes consumers, companies and governments to demand better data privacy regulations. With the 5G network, the power of data sharing will be tremendous and with it comes the need for more oversight regarding consumers’ personal information.

As a result, the mobile subscriber identity, the user identity for MNOs, is at risk. The IMSI, as it’s better known, makes it easier to track all mobile phones in a designated area and because of its cache, it is easier to access and collect user data. The IMSI should be full anonymized by the MNO in order to make the best use of 5G architecture. The new data privacy regulations such as GDPR in Europe, LGPD in Brazil or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the USA, are imposing it on mobile operators as an industry standard.

Avoid cyber-attacks with LTKUP functionality

5G technology will bring a novel functionality in terms of prevention and management of cyberattacks. Operators will be able to remotely change or restore SIM card authentication credentials during their life cycle without having to physically change the SIM card in case its security is compromised. This functionality significantly improves the user experience in terms of reliability of preventing and resolving a cyber attack.

Maintain the 5G network standard while in roaming

After experiencing the benefits of a new and powerful network, users won’t be content with losing access to this new network and having to work with a 4G or 3G grid while in roaming. Therefore, it is crucial that MNOs ensure a 5G roaming policy throughout the world, avoiding user experience issues and eliminating friction in their customers’ loyalty.

Improve customer satisfaction

One of the largest consumer complaints about wireless networks is its signal availability/reliability in the areas they need connectivity the most such as work zones and commute zones (to and from work), as well as festivals, events, shopping centers and beyond.

According to Telekom company, under ideal conditions, the 5G network will reach 10 gigabits per second, becoming the fastest wireless network available. 5G will become even faster than Wi-Fi connections in some places.

5G low latency is crucial for autonomous and smart devices. Because data can be transmitted and a reaction triggered in real time, decisions can be made in fractions of a second, allowing autonomous cars, virtual reality services, edge computing and smart machine communications to reach its peak in the coming years.

Valid´s answer to this new demand is the mioSIM® 5G, a SIM card designed for the fifth network generation (5G) specializing in virtualized networks, offering higher security and enhancing mobile broadband for critical communications solutions.

5G SIM will give customers data anonymization and a trusted environment. The new Subscription Concealed Identifier (SUCI) prevents a malicious actor from tracking the mobile subscribers due to the 5G SIM card encrypting the subscriber identifier – IMSI encryption. This approach preserves the user’s data privacy, which is a high priority for consumers and providers today, while enhancing quality of experience and network resource optimization.

5G SIM is cyber-proof. By remotely changing the authentication algorithm inside the SIM, mobile operators now have a tool to fight cyber-attacks.

Mobile operators are now able to leverage the full power of 5G with advanced features related to cybersecurity, data privacy protection, QoS monitoring, network management, etc.

What are the Benefits of a 5G SIM?


Protects user privacy with data anonymization

Enhances the customer experience

5G SIM comes in all form factors (removable SIM, M2M SIM, and eSIM) according to your project’s needs. mioSIM 5G is also available in multiple form factors including mioSIM Adapt & mioSIM Green variants

Technical Specifications

  • mioSIM® OS is compliant with ETSI Release 15 Specifications
  • Oracle Java Card™ Specification
  • Global Platform Card Specification
  • Global Platform Card, UICC Configuration
  • Global Platform Car Specification, Amendment B
  • OTA / RAM / RFM
  • TUAK
  • SUCI calculation
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