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All over the world, several MNOs are already powering the eSIM Connectivity for consumer electronics. By 2024, ABI Research estimates there will be 2.5 billion eSIM-ready consumer devices in the market. That means many Smartwatches, PCs and tablets, wearables as well as smart homes gadgets and many more daily electronics will be release in the coming years smarter than ever before.

Based on the latest version of the GSMA SGP 22 specification, Valid’s mioSIM eUICC Consumer Devices and eReach Subscription Management SM-DP+ solution, can connect your consumer’s electronics on an end-to-end basis.

Benefits for the End-User

It gives customers the freedom to change mobile operators without the need to swap SIM cards each time. eSIMs can be updated over the air and consumers can change its subscription to a different MNO right away allowing users to choose the best plan for their connected devices.

Wearables and many other gadgets can onboard their own built-in connectivity beyond pairing with a companion device via WIFI or Bluetooth.

Benefits for MNOs

MNOs can focus on commercializing value added connectivity services through eSIM subscriptions avoiding the operational and logistical burden of sourcing, stocking and distributing physical SIM cards.

eSIM helps MNOs to enhance positioning on the digital channel, being able to put in place a full customer digital journey without the need of physical point of sales.

eSIM technology bring in new revenue streams to MNOs and expand their sales channels like never before. Data plans can now be sold to multiple devices, giving consumers the option to adapt and modify their data plans – shared data plans with spilt devices can attract customers that want to keep all their connected devices with one single provider.

Benefits for Device Makers

eSIMs are extremely resilient, as they can be soldered onto and sealed inside the device. Soldered form factors have the following advantages for device designers:

  • Miniaturization: The boom of consumer electronics industry brought many different types and formats of devices, all based on customer experience, the best possible accommodation of each component is crucial to make the most of the devices space and ROI. Miniaturization is essential.
  • Ruggedness: Traditional plugin SIM slots removal brings water-proof, dust-proof and extreme conditions support capabilities to devices.

On top of that, device makers can benefit of the soldered eSIM taking the advantage of extend device features by installing additional apps into the eSIM thanks to “transversal applications” eSIM capability.

Supported form factors and grades:

Technical Specifications:

  • mioSIM® OS is compliant with ETSI Release 15 Specifications
  • GSMA specifications (SGP.21/SGP.22) for Remote SIM Provisioning for Consumer Devices
  • Oracle Java Card™ Specification
  • Global Platform Card Specification
  • Global Platform Car Specification, Amendment B
  • Global Platform Device Technology
  • Secure Elements Access Control
  • 5G ready
  • OTA
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