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An Operating System is more than even becoming a critical part of the next SIM product evolution. With eSIM and the upcoming iSIM to add more value to the standard SIM card industry, OEMs now have to embed the SIM functionalities into their devices and are looking to integrate optimal software, and host the algorithms used for a secure authentication on the network and integrate the engine, enabling the deployment of new applications.

To guarantee the best security, reliability, scalability and high performance, Valid has developed a full range of operating systems called mioSIM OS, adapted to address new IoT and consumer devices market requirements. OS core has been entirely developed by a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers having more than 25 years of experience in the Secure OS Industry. mioSIM OS implements a large range of features and enables a secure and reliable Over-The-Air management of applications.

mioSIM OS can run on any type of secure IC component or secure enclave environment for SoC and is dedicated to operate in all existing network technologies such as 3G, 4G, and now the upcoming 5G network. It is following the latest industry standards defined by GSMA, TCA and Global Platform and is also fully compliant with all eSIM/iSIM requirements. mioSIM’s architecture and modularity allows Valid to offer unique customization services to our clients and guarantees time to market on product delivery.

mioSIM OS has already been licensed by major players of the Silicon industry worldwide to address the emerging growth of the eSIM market.

What are the benefits of Valid’s mioSIM OS?

A comprehensive and knowledgeable partner
  – Autonomous and fully independent player. Flexible approach covering customization for specific client needs. Full in-house software stacks
Ready to run on multiple secure environments
  – Adaptation of OS technology onto any IC/chipset/secure enclave with drop-in integration. Truly Secure Java OS technology
High-end services and proven technology
  – Fully compliant with the most international and industry standards. Trusted by Tier 1-2-3 MNOs and key OEMs (automotive, consumer, IoT…). Already licensed to Tier 1 Secure IC Providers.
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