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Expand the range of devices and services you offer to your customers. Whether you are a telecom service provider or an OEM device manufacturer, with eReach, Valid’s Subscription Management Platform and VSSH®, Valid’s Secure Services Hub, you will get access to a complete suite of micro services that can easily integrate with your legacy systems and provide a seamless and fast digital experience to your customers.

In addition, working together with Valid’s mioSIM eUICC for Consumer Devices and eReach Subscription Management solutions, offers you a change to connect your consumer’s electronics on end-to-end basis.

Valid’s solution gives you access to features such as:

Biometric enrollment and  ID validation for new customers.

Digital signatures for new contracts and renewals.

Traditional and non-traditional payment methods (OEM, QR codes, NFC, MNO mobile money, etc.).

A complete set of  banking services  including accounts management, loans platform, and clearing and settlement processes.

Engage with your customers through chatbots, loyalty programs, and coupons and increase your customers’ long-term value (LTV).

You can also easily orchestrate new subscription provisioning processes and flows through all your sales channels from a single platform, from your physical stores and  eCommerce apps or websites to third-party sales channels/digital platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Mercado Libre, etc., you will be able to maintain control over your processes with dashboards and analytic reports tailored to your business.

Technical Specifications:

  • SM-DP+ platform fully compliant with GSMA SGP.22 V2.2 standard for Consumer Devices.
    • High-security SAS (Security Accreditation Scheme) certification for Subscription Management (SAS-SM).
    • Servers with local redundancy and geo-redundancy to ensure service in the event of unexpected events.

We can design a solution that fits your unique set of needs and requirements. Request a consultation with one of our Telecom IoT Specialists to learn more.

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