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How can you answer the increasing demand to manage connectivity plans globally, within specific regions, or locally in targeted countries, without ever having to physically change the SIM cards in your devices?

eReach, Valid’s Subscription Management Platform for IoT, allows you to easily create complete ecosystems between IoT devices enabled with eSIM and IoT applications for Asset Tracking, Smart Agriculture, Smart Lighting, Smart Buildings, Smart Retail, Healthcare, Smart Vehicles, and other Enterprise applications.

If you are an automaker or manufacturer of IoT devices, you can simplify your supply chain for connectivity access and, regardless of where your products are located, you can remotely manage connectivity subscriptions and also create, store, personalize, download, and activate profiles in your devices, directly from a fast and high-security set of platforms.

Ease the integration with other MNOs, MVNOs, MVNEs, Service Providers, Device Manufacturers, and OEMs through eReach, Valid’s Subscription Management Platform and the VSSH®, Valid’s Secure Services Hub. Add our eUICC for IoT solution for a complete services suite for your subscription management and devices connectivity.

You will get access to a complete suite of micro services that can easily integrate with your legacy systems and provide a smooth and fast orchestration of your partners’ systems, speeding the growth of your network, lowering your time to market, and increasing revenue and ROI while keeping operative costs low.

eReach and VSSH provide access to features such as:

  • Multi-tenant capabilities for MNOs and MVNEs that want to enable Subscription Management platforms.
  • Download, enable, disable, and delete subscriptions plans (IPP Interoperable Profile Packages) in IoT devices Over the Air (OTA).
  • Possibility of local redundancy and geo-redundancy to ensure the operation of the service before unexpected events.
  • Compliant with your SM-DP and SM-SR platforms with GSMA SGP.02 V3.2 standard for Machine to Machine interoperable ecosystems.
  • Get your own SM-SR platform to directly control eSIM subscriptions whether you are an MNO, MNVO, Service Provider, or Device Manufacturer.
  • Fully compliant with the Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) for Subscription Management (SAS-SM) certification issued by the GSMA.

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