Valid launches “Valid Education,” which consists of automation modules for electronic data management in the issuance of e-Diplomas.

By automating internal processes, universities use technology to support an environment that is better prepared for training future professionals. Digital transformation has contributed to different sectors with gains in efficiency, security, and agility.

Valid’s solutions for the educational sector merge different processes and technologies to increase universities’ efficiency and insert them in a new age in business development, where serving students and complying with legislation in a timely manner are essential.

Main features


  • Electronic document management for academic records (EDM).
  • Importing and/or digitalization of documents in different image formats.
  • Automated data correction (including from external databases).
  • Automated image quality.
  • Document organization and checklist.
  • Verification via facial recognition, with or without access to the external database.
  • Analytic and management dashboards.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Responsive and multi-channel access.
Technical especifications


  • Maintenance of electronic files in secure infrastructure.
  • Integration with the transcript system.
  • High level of customization.
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