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Valid is a global technology provider that offers a complete portfolio of solutions in Payment, Mobile, Data and Identity Solutions, as well as Digital Marketing and Digital Certification.

Valid develops physical and digital solutions that allow companies, government agencies, consumers and citizens to identify themselves, connect, communicate and make secure, practical financial and data transactions.

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Over 6,000 of our employees are currently working around the world. We have over 60 years of experience providing tailor-made solutions which are the building blocks of the technologies and secure processes we create for our clients.

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+60% of market share: Issuing of ID documents in Brazil. 16 million units in 2016 (+6 million of Driver’s License)

5th largest SIM card producer globally 388 million units in 2016

Top 10 largest producers of financial cards globally 224 million units in 2016 (Smart Cards + Magnetic Stripe Cards)

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Our Mission

We provide secure, customized services for the identification of people, objects and transactions.

Our Vision

To establish long-term relationships with every client based on mutual trust.

Our Values

Focus on the Client

Integrity and trust

Results and excellence

Simplicity and creativity

We value people

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