Solutions for the digital identification of people,
companies,objects, and transactions, using
digital certification.

Reliable, 100% digital

Digital SSL/TLS certificates enable the protection of all data sent over online transactions, including logins, e-mail accounts, activation of browser security, and creation of a secure connection to ensure an environment that is also 100% reliable in the virtual world. 


Somos homologados para emissão da Carteira Nacional de Habilitação (CNH).

Cost effective

Reduction of costs associated with printing, authentication, transport, and disposal of documents.


We are an ICP-Brasil root and WebTrust certificate authority

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Advantages Of The Product

Learn how our V/Cert solution can create better cost effectiveness,
security, and speed for your digital signatures and transactions.


Access to platforms, websites, and programs with no need to log in, submission of government statements, queries of personal or corporate information, and digital signing of statements, contracts, and other documents. 

Cost effective

Reduction of costs associated with printing, authentication, transport, and disposal of documents. Process optimization by making physical transactions digital.


Identification and authentication of people, companies, transactions, and objects with complete security and integrity in a certified, encrypted, and secure data transmission environment. 


Sustainable consumption and reduction of the use and storage of paper


Get to know the advantages of the V/Cert platform.

Digital certificate for natural persons (Brazilian eCPF and ePF) 
Digital certificate for legal entities (Brazilian eCNPJ, ePJ, NFe, NFCe, and CTe) 
Digital certificate for servers and web applications (SSL and TLS) 
SSL/TLS certificates for the financial market (CIP, COMB, and SPB) 
Attribute certificate 
Time stamp certificate
Digital certificate following ICP-Brasil and global root standards.

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