Empowering interconnectivity between Private and
Public Networks

Empowering interconnectivity between Private and Public Networks

Big organizations nowadays are investing in their facilities with the aim of creating their own Private Networks, in order to take advantage of these trusted and reliable environments. In this environment, oftentimes, the organizations need a mechanism to identify the private network coverage and facilitate a smooth switch to the public network, when necessary.

Valid’s Private Network Offering enables IoT/M2M and consumer devices to seamlessly transition between public and designated private networks, maintaining its connectivity. The SIM or eSIM module, available in removable or soldered format, securely manages the switch mechanism, stores the applicable business rules to apply and control them at the edge, while still being managed remotely.

Continuous Connectivity

Enables IoT/M2M devices and consumers to move in and out of the private network while staying connected.


Fully managed eSIM-as-a-service in an interoperable ecosystem.

Edge Control and Beyond

Provide coverage in outdoor and indoor areas with a ground-breaking solution.

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The Private Networks: what is it?

The Private Networks, formally known as ‘Non-Public Networks’, is characterized by being accessed only for a specific group of users, things or enterprises who are able to connect to them without the need of sharing the bandwidth of their network with others. Apart from that, the users of private networks are also able to rely on the Public Spectrum. This infrastructure is deployed in one or more specific locations which are owned by the end user organization.

They are created to offer to their users the same benefits offered by public networks, such as speed and consistent coverage, but without the inconvenience of sharing connectivity and its security aspects with other network users.

5G network as the catalyzer of Private Networks implementations

While mobile networks encompass a range of cellular technologies from 2G to 5G, the introduction of 5G network has driven increased demand for private networks, which offer secure and reliable connectivity, customization, and control, making them attractive for mission-critical operations, IoT deployments, and data privacy. 5G has amplified the need for private networks as businesses aim to harness the benefits of this advanced technology for their operations.
These private networks provide coverage in outdoor locations such as ports and mines and indoor areas like manufacturing production lines, warehouses, and healthcare systems.

The configurations that apply to Private Networks combined with the robustness and data privacy they provide, make them an attractive choice for businesses across several industries, with the demand for private network capabilities projected to generate revenues of $64 billion by 2030, according to ABI Research. Additionally, integrating private and public 5G networks enables the creation of hybrid networks, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution.


Valid’s Private Network Offering combines our state-of-the-art interoperable technology, including a suite of applets and dedicated consulting services, with the MNOs connectivity coverage, to streamline the interworking between private and public networks. This ensures devices remain connected even when they move beyond the geographical boundaries of the private network, all securely and reliably.

Combined with a removable or soldered secure element, such as a SIM or eSIM module, it is possible to securely approach edge control and remote manage devices to maintain the network connection.

This enables MNOs to extend their connectivity services to new customers and foster this emerging segment within the mobile industry.

The collaboration between Valid and the MNOs sets the stage for revolutionizing private networks connectivity experiences, enabling IoT and consumer devices to operate seamlessly across private and public networks. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we are poised to shape the future of network connectivity, further empowering businesses and individuals in an increasingly connected world.

Advantages of the product

Get to know how the 5G SIM Card can enhance and revolutionize the use of 5G mobile networks around the world.

Interconnectivity between Public and Private Networks

We have seen an increase in the number of users or devices that need to be connected and reachable anywhere at any time. To fulfill this desire, Valid offers a proposal as a package that includes the best of our interoperable technology, a generic solution that fix the maximum number of use cases. Valid invites future customers to join this challenge to be part of the world that we want to live in, one where technology helps us to be connected and enhances agreements for interworking.

Connectivity Management Platform 

To allow users or devices to continue to function even when moving outside of the geographical bounds of the Private Network, for example in wider area applications such as logistics. This can further extend to international roaming. For industries, Valid encourages leading enterprises to move quickly to Private Networks to replace or support their former setups such as Wired or Wi-Fi with this up-to-date solution.

Edge Control 

“At the edge and beyond” represents the guarantee to maintain the coverage including remote or underserved areas where public network may not be available.


Get to know the advantages of Valid’s Private Networks Offering

Valid and other players in the industry have deployed, over more than a decade, many global projects involving the remote management of multiple IMSIs within a physical SIM and an eSIM. We have once again made a significant achievement by equipping our customers with all the necessary items, including technology and consultancy to stay connected to the preferred network and get re-attached when switching networks. The proposal is a packaged solution for fast integration composed of a dedicated profile with specific applets and a standard provisioning process performed by a centralized solution, which allows to dynamically update the SIM/eSIM profile during its lifecycle.

The device can remain in the Private Network or switch between Private and Public network by a mechanism designed by Valid R&D team. Following some technical requirements of the Public Network, the logic of a suite of applets is able to manage the decision to switch to the Private Network every time location information has been changed or updated. This location information can be stored at personalization stage or can be updated via OTA through Remote File Management. If the device loses the connection of the Private Network, Valid Multi IMSI applet will be in charge of the switch to the public subscription. This also happens when the device is in Roaming, Valid Multi IMSI applet works as per country change switching logic to find the best possible public subscription and will switch to it as required.

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